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About Us



UMRITUN TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES is a duly registered transcription service provider that offers general and legal transcription, data entry transcription, subtitling/captioning projects and radio transcription as well as administrative support solutions specifically project management, work flow, email and chat support, social media management and client accounts management for the vital purpose of helping the businesses and entrepreneurs reach their goals. We understand the demands of a fast-paced business environment as we are ready to manage efficiently every client project.



Our mission is to provide fast, accurate, and timely transcription/output to aid companies accomplish their projects and achieve the common goal of success. We are committed to delivering high-quality transcripts/final outputs that pass stringent quality checks by our certified professional staff.



Anne Alumbres is an entrepreneur, the owner/founder, general manager and the chief finance officer of the company. She is at present a licensed Court Stenographer since 2006. She started freelance transcription in 2008 and accepted captioning and subtitling projects since 2013, and since 2006 she has been doing also some projects relative to administrative support/function and legal secretaryship. (

Floren Alumbres is the co-founder, legal support manager and the quality analyst manager of the company with background in law and in political science. His work experience relative to supervisory functions and quality management developed since 2007. Likewise, he has started freelance transcription as well as subtitling and captioning experience since 2014. (

With their top-notch skills and solid years of experience, combined with their passion and drive to succeed, they can lead the company and the team to thrive in a highly competitive global business market.



We are a fast growing team with solid years of experience in different fields and industries specializing in transcription and administrative support services. We are bound by our commitment to delivering high-quality work that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations.

We are a team of dedicated full-time and part-time freelance transcribers, quality editors, and contractors based in the Philippines. Our passion fuels us and our expertise and proficiency allow us to provide faster turnaround with 98% accuracy. We are committed to deliver a high quality turnout.

We work in a nurturing virtual environment that’s conducive for career success. We likewise  provide necessary support and motivation to each member of the team in achieving their high quality output.



Because we value our relationship with clients, we maintain full confidentiality of all materials we receive. We hold all the information in strictest confidence and apply standards of care in handling sensitive information.

Umritun has signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with all of our clients. All freelancers, contractors, regular members and applicants are bound by the terms of confidentiality with respect to files, rates and other instructions specified by clients and all the details/information provided are not for public consumption. Kindly delete all the media and info files within 5 days upon submission of the finished transcripts and avoid using the same other than that for which is it received by you, which is to transcribe the audio and video files.  Any use of the material other than that is strictly prohibited.



We offer career opportunities for freelancers where they can develop and enhance their capabilities, skills and knowledge in transcription work. We provide extensive training and support for newbies/new candidates.

The company is giving some incentives every month for those who have top performance with high quality and quantity turnout.

Our hiring process follows strict guidelines to ensure that we partner with reliable and dependable freelance transcribers who can deliver high quality output on deadline.

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